About Focus on Freelance

A full featured Freelancer Marketplace

Who We Are

Focus On Freelance is a new Freelancer Marketplace website created by LAN Connections Information Services, Inc. Our goal is to connect employers with freelancers.

Through our marketplace, employers can hire freelancers to do work in many areas such as software development, writing, data entry, design, engineering, sales, marketing, and many more.

How It Works

  • Enter your needs

           Enter your needs in the search box to get the best results.

  • Select your favorite seller

           Choose from popular Jobs and pick your favorite one.

  • Get your projects done

           Pay through our safe and reliable system. And get your projects done from people who love what they do.

So, exactly, how does this work?

  1. First you create an account by going to the upper right corner of the website and clicking “join.”
  2. Once you have created a profile you’ll return and sign in with the login and password you created.
  3. Next, you’ll click the option that says “Post a job.”
  4. A form will open and you fill in the information you want the public to see about the job you are offering. Here you’ll upload an image to go on the job posts. The image needs to be 768 pixels wide by 435 high. Smaller images will stretch and not look good. You want your work to show well from the start!
  5. Make sure you put the category the job is in, the price and all details so visitors have few questions of what you offer. Save the job profile you’re offering and it will be housed in the category you’re posting it in.