Did you know that you and your appearance are judged in three seconds? That’s how long it takes for someone to get an impression of you and much of that is based on a visual impression. Keep that in mind when you do an interview. The first few seconds could make or break your interview so make sure you look the best you can look for your interview.

Let’s make this easy and outline the best way to get prepared for your interview.

Get Prepared

You want to choose your wardrobe for your interview on two things: you and the company. If you are hired, you will want to mirror the style employees wear at the company. Some companies are very casual, and some are more business-like. Check out the company’s social media pages or inquire by making a call to the company and asking HR what the dress code is. If they post pictures on Social Media of their employees at work, look to see how they are dressed. This will give you an idea of what will be expected.

For your interview you will want to wear a professional looking wardrobe so you can look your best and feel confident. Feeling confident is the most important thing you can do for yourself when you go in for an interview, so, wearing an appropriate outfit and being well groomed will give you an edge up. Do not overdress though. Dress *up* a step and you should be okay. Men should wear a crisp shirt, nice slacks, and a tie to give a well-groomed look. This means a haircut if necessary. Ladies should wear either a nice dress, or a skirt with a well-tailored blouse and or blazer. Shoes for both genders should be appropriate for the outfit, clean and in good shape. Keep jewelry to a minimum. You do not want anything to distract from your interview.

Look through your clothes the day before, try them on to make sure they fit well, iron if necessary, and have everything ready for the day of your interview. You will feel much more relaxed if you have everything ready and thought out.

Here are the areas of dress codes

Business professional: Suits are normal for these jobs so men should have a few suits or blazers to choose from with button down shirts and a tie and women should have dresses, skirts with nice blouses, pant suits and dress shoes.

Business casual: Men should wear dress slacks, a button-down shirt, some may wear a tie or not, a nice belt and dress shoes. Women can wear conservative dresses, a nice blouse with either a skirt or dress pants and appropriate shoes.

Casual: Casual can either be closer to business casual or very casual where jeans are allowed. This is where you will want to see what other employees are wearing and find out the dress code.

Good luck at the interview.

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