The U.S. Department of Labor announced that claims for jobless benefits surged enormously since the last time unemployment was at an all-time high in 2017. Even though many have lost their jobs or been put on furlough, there are many businesses that are hiring, many even increasing their hiring numbers.

Your skills can carry you through if you look at different avenues for employment. For instance, if you were working for a service industry such as a hotel, you can transition to online customer support. Healthcare agencies have need for registered nurses but also for those who can do data support. Utilize your knowledge and experience you may have and look at other options that may need your skills.

There are many businesses and industries that are hiring during the coronavirus crisis.

Healthcare Industry

Right now, the most in-demand occupation within the healthcare industry is for registered nurses.


Walgreens and CVS have increased their hiring needs from pharmacy technicians to customer service associates.

Trucking Industry

Truckers have always been an integral part of getting products from place to place, but, there has been a surge in the need for truckers so if you like to drive and travel, consider looking into some of the trucking companies for available jobs.

Teleworking Software

The change in work status in the workplace has increased the need for remote work so as more states practice safety and social distancing, companies are transitioning to remote work options. Video conferences, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration services are on an incline with teleworking software as the foundation. Zoom and Slack are two businesses that have soared in popularity for telecommunication and video conferencing with family, friends and to communicate with employers and employees.

Information Technology

There will always be a need for network and computer systems administrators so the need for workers is high and will continue to grow as technology becomes faster and more mobile. A bachelor’s degree in computer or information science will help you secure a well-paying job.

Online Tech Support, Customer Service and Accounting Jobs

Companies such as Amazon have internal jobs in their fulfillment center, but also have customer service jobs that can be done remotely. You will have to visit the Amazon website to learn more of what is available. For other technical support jobs, has many job opportunities to look at. Accounting jobs have also been in great demand. Many people have started their own businesses and have a need for accountants.

Certified Financial Planners

Personal financial services have become an important step in preparing for a future of financial success. People are becoming more concerned about their money and their retirement years. Advising those who wish to become prepared for financial security is a growing business so if you have an interest in finances, consider moving towards a financial planner.

Grocery Stores

Our grocery stores have become an incredibly important need with the change in how we do our daily schedule. Grocery stores have always been number one in everyone’s routine, but now more than ever these stores require more and more support to keep shelves stocked to logistics. Walmart is looking to hire thousands of new employees as are other large chain grocery stores.

Delivery Services

Delivery services such as Instacart, Shipt, etc. have increased their need for employees due to people doing more online shopping and having their necessities and groceries delivered rather than to go out in the public stores. There are many jobs to be had at these delivery businesses.

Local delivery options such as DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, etc. are also showing a surge in hiring for the same reason. People have not been able to visit their favorite restaurant or choose to eat at home, so they are depending on local delivery options to bring them food.

With the change in how we work as a result of the coronavirus and the change on how we integrate in public, jobs may diminish as others surge, so, think *outside the box* and investigate how new opportunities can lead you to a new job or career.


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