Whether you have always worked from home or you find that you now have the opportunity to work from home, your workstation is going to be important to establish a good work environment and accomplish your work tasks.

If you are setting up a place in your home to work, here are some key points to consider making it efficient and safe:

  • Location: not everyone has an empty room so look within your living space to find a place where there is little activity, good lighting, and limited distractions. ideally, natural light. If natural light isn’t available, get a good desk lamp that will allow you to direct light where you need it. If you live alone, it could be a kitchen table or a desk you set up for work purposes. If you have a family, seek a place where you can have privacy and quiet.
  • Invest in proper furniture and equipment: Even though a kitchen table will suffice to work at, if you are going to be working for hours on end, consider a proper desk and a good chair. Desk height and a chair that is comfortable, but supportive, is very important. Invest in the best you can afford. Today it’s been proven that a standing desk is beneficial, so, if you have the means to purchase a combination desk, purchase one that allows for the desktop to raise up so you can take a break from sitting.
  • Neck and Eye comfort: Make sure your monitor is at the proper height where the screen is just below eye level. You want to make sure the monitor is at least 20” from your eyes and farther if you have a larger monitor. Proper neck alignment is to look slightly down when looking at the middle of the monitor. If you must, invest in something to raise the height of the screen, it will be a modest, but important item to purchase.
  • Get proper storage or shelving: You can use a shelf to house much of your needed supplies (paper, folders, printer, etc.) but if you’ll be working on documents that are important, consider purchasing a file cabinet that locks. Hide surplus supplies in storage containers to keep things organized but have containers for pens, clips, etc. on your desk.

Working from home often allows for a better work environment and less stress than working in an office environment. It also allows work to be done at hours that are more convenient for you, therefore, boosting your productivity.

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